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What is Lap Dance Etiquette and tips (1)

When it comes to a night out at your favorite gentlemen’s club, lap dances are usually considered the ultimate highlight. As sexy as the stage shows can be, a private lap dance turns it into an immersive experience that gets you up close and very personal with gorgeous, talented dancers.

But before you dive headfirst (or should we say “lap first”) into this exhilarating experience, let’s chat a bit about lap dance etiquette. These are the simple but critical rules that can make your night unforgettable for all the right reasons – so, let’s make you leave with fantastic memories and not the embarrassment of any accidental faux pas.

What is Lap Dance Etiquette?

Basically, lap dance etiquette refers to the unwritten rules and manners one should observe during a private dance. Think of it as the code of conduct that establishes a certain level of respect for everyone involved.

Sticking to these rules will guarantee you an enjoyable experience while also ensuring the dancer’s comfort and safety.

Do’s and Don’ts for Private Lap Dance Etiquette

We’re the first to admit that when a beautiful entertainer is in your lap, it can be difficult to remember who and where you are or what you’re supposed to be doing. The good news is that the basic rules for lap dances are pretty easy to follow.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • DO Stay Respectful: First and foremost, always remember the golden rule: Treat the dancers with the utmost respect. This is their profession, and they deserve courtesy and admiration.
  • DO Tip Generously: If you’ve enjoyed the dance, showing your appreciation with a generous tip is not only courteous but also might make your evening even more memorable!
  • DO Listen to the Rules: Each club and dancer may have different boundaries. Listen closely and respect them. They’re there for everyone’s enjoyment and safety.
  • DO Keep It Clean: Hygiene matters! Make sure you’re freshly showered and smelling good. After all, you’re up close and personal.
  • DON’T Touch the Dancers: This is rule number one. Unless expressly allowed by the dancer or the club, keep those hands to yourself.
  • DON’T Take Photos: Let’s keep the memory in your mind and not on your phone. It’s a matter of privacy and respect.
  • DON’T Try to Haggle: This is not a marketplace. If there’s a fee, pay it without haggling.
  • DON’T Make Crude Comments: We get it; the atmosphere is charged, but always keep your comments respectful and avoid any inappropriate or offensive remarks.

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